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Ameen Al-Iraq Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance goes live in record time




The implementation of iMAL Islamic core banking platform in such a short timeframe was made possible by extremely efficient project planning and execution, impeccable professionalism and industry expertise. This modern platform interfaces seamlessly with multiple local systems, and accommodates all local regulatory requirements, integrates with any external system, and has the flexibility and scalability to grow with us. We are confident that our bank would reap the full benefits of this successful implementation in a timely manner with considerable reduction in costs, fully automated processes, and faster go-to-market.

Kamal Suhail Abdulla
Chief Executive Officer

Iraq IDB's successful upgrade of iMAL R14




Deploying the right technology platform at IDB Iraq is critical to our strategy. So, we chose to upgrade iMAL because we believe that it can make a difference to our customers and offer an excellent digital platform in line with their expectations and the current revolution toward e-payments in Iraq today. iMAL offers several powerful and differentiating features making it a comprehensive and scalable core banking system. Besides, the proven track record of Path Solutions across the region, coupled with their innovative implementation methodology and excellent support services provided us the added comfort.

Ziad Khalaf Abed Kareem
Chairman of the Board


Boubyan Bank finds the right path to fuel its digitalisation strategy



Boubyan Bank

As a bank, we are fully committed to innovation and latest technology. Nonetheless, Boubyan Bank followed the roadmap set by consulting firm McKinsey & Co., and due to our comfort level and past experience with Path Solutions, we directly approached the vendor who affords a deep understanding of the evolving IT needs of this dynamic market, for the system upgrade. The R14 version of iMAL is a leading solution on the cutting-edge of innovation, adapted to the individual requirements of our customers, and serves our purpose of delivering unrivalled world-class service.

Sherif Fouad
Head of Information Technology Group


CRM solution in Omni-Channel implementation: Necessity or optional?

Nowadays, banks are recognizing that maintaining excellent relations with their existing and potential customers is a key success factor. Thus, the necessity of a CRM solution is no longer a question. As a business solution, it is invaluable. It used to be optional before, but it has become the underlying force that shapes business decisions in today’s digital world in order to achieve:

  • Sales: Boosting sales, increasing lead conversion and productivity.
  • Marketing: Personalizing customer journeys, delivering tailored and efficient communication.
  • Service: Ensuring faster and better service, improving customer experience and increasing loyalty.

Sarah Achkar

Associate Product Manager
Product Management - Digital Channels
Path Solutions

In the past, banks and financial institutions used to invest a lot in their employees to build good relations with their customers and attract new ones. As customer engagement generates loyalty, banks recognized the need to deepen their customer relationships and develop long-lasting ones with them.

However, in this day and age, we witness a radical transformation in the sector: Changing customer behavior, increased expectations, Omni-Channel experience and the digitization of business and society. These changes are driving banks towards branchless banking; therefore banks can’t rely anymore on their employees as one-to-one relationships with customers are being replaced by digital contacts.

When implementing a full Omni-Channel solution, the following operational challenges are being faced:


How can CRM help banks overcome those challenges?

A successful implementation of an Omni-Channel solution requires an underlying platform to act as the customer “system of record” and manage or facilitate all customer-facing processes. In simple terms, it requires a comprehensive CRM solution.

CRM isn’t only one of the main pillars of a successful Omni-Channel solution, but also it is considered paramount to create an effective customer journey. Furthermore, a CRM solution will allow the bank to observe its customers from every angle, understand their behavior and even predict future ones.

All of the collected information will be centralized and analyzed in CRM, achieving a holistic or what is often called a 360-degree view of the customer that allows banks to better know/understand their customers and maintain a competitive advantage. This is a prerequisite to delivering personalized and consistent communication which positions the bank ahead of the curve.


The CRM solution will be used to ensure consistency and to define different use cases, processes, and workflows in terms of marketing, sales and service:

  • From a marketing perspective, banks need to propagate promotional products across multiple channels simultaneously, since customers are expecting a personalized banking experience; email distribution, social network pages, mobile apps, internet banking apps, and others. When using a CRM solution, the marketing department will have access to valuable information such as the customer preferred channel and his interactions. This will allow the bank to deliver more relevant, personalized and contextual campaigns, increasing the percentage of campaign conversions while reducing costs. Moreover, consistency is becoming increasingly important, which means delivering the same offers or promotions across all preferred channels.
  • From a sales perspective, a CRM solution will be able to track all of the customer’s actions and behaviors: If a customer is interested in any of the campaigns/ads and clicks on it, a lead/opportunity will be automatically created in the application in order for the salesperson to follow up and track the sales opportunity.
  • From a service perspective, all of the complaints and questions shared by the customer across Omni-Channels, will be centralized and managed in CRM. Predefined workflows setup in CRM eases the process of solving these issues faster than ever before.

The above will allow banks to ensure consistency, manage and centralize data, increase profits, strengthen customer’s loyalty, decrease costs and build a complete, mature Omni-Channel platform.


iMAL*CRMPlus is built to satisfy this need. The solution allows banks to deliver the ultimate multi-channel experience through various customer touchpoints, boosting many services such as loyalty programs, social listening, working offline and cross-sell/up-sell, thus providing superior customer service.

Finally, our iMAL*CRMPlus solution is integrated with iMAL set of services, at the level of customer data, requests and the 360-degree view.

It makes much more sense to retain existing customers, rather than chasing down new ones.



Islamic Finance Development
Report 2017:
Towards Sustainability


Islamic Finance Outlook 2019 Edition:
S&P Global Ratings

Islamic Finance Outlook 2018 Edition:
S&P Global Ratings

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iMAL Certificate Exams

During the months of May and June 2019, Path Solutions conducted Associate Level Certificate Examinations (iMAL Certified Associate) for staff members of the Global Support and Professional Services departments. The company’s objective is to get all its employees certified on the different iMAL modules, to increase their productivity and to ensure efficient, quality services delivered to its valued clients.

During the current exam slots, the iMAL Certified Associate Exams were conducted for the below six major iMAL modules:

  • Customer Service Management
  • Islamic Invest
  • Islamic Treasury
  • Facility Management
  • Trade Finance
  • Accounting.

90 staff members from various locations including Lebanon, Kuwait, Bahrain, Pakistan, Sudan and India attended the exams. This was an opportunity for them to evaluate their knowledge and competence levels in different domains. The exams conducted earlier proved invaluable for staff to engage in a continuous professional development and skill building, adding value to their career.

Trainings on Professional Email Writing

The Corporate Academy of Path Solutions arranged three training sessions between June and July 2019 on ‘Professional Email Writing’ for its employees, for emails being the most common form of business communication in the present day world. The sessions, which were given by Anil Kumar - Director of the Corporate Academy, were imparted as per the strategy of Path Solutions to continuously improve the soft skills of its workforce.


May 2019 Technical Trainings

Training sessions on ‘Jaspersoft Report Development’ and ‘iMAL Level 1 Support’ were organized by the Corporate Academy of Path Solutions during May 2019 at its training center in Lebanon. The trainings were given to clients in continuation to trainings held in March and April and focused on CSM, Accounting, Processing, TFA, IIS, FMS and Dynamic Files areas.

Sterling Bank, Nigeria, Syria International Islamic Bank, Syria, Cihan Bank for Islamic Investment, Iraq and Sudanese Egyptian Bank, Sudan deputed their selected employees with technical background to attend the sessions.


What the participants said…


The knowledge gained will accelerate our expertise in the field and subsequently lead to customer satisfaction.
Oluwale Oladimeji
Team Lead iMAL Support
Sterling Bank PLC Nigeria

It is a value-added, practical and well-organized training. It provided us with a good chance to understand the system.
Mina Adil Abbosh
System Support - IT Department
Cihan Bank Iraq

The iMAL R14 Business Trainings

The Corporate Academy at Path Solutions conducted another series of iMAL business trainings for its clients during March/June 2019, at its training center in Lebanon.

Trainings were attended by selected employees from Sterling Bank, Nigeria, Faisal Islamic Bank, Sudan, Syria International Islamic Bank, Syria and Al Baraka Bank, Sudan.

Interactive training sessions were arranged on the latest R14 version for major iMAL modules: Customer Service Management, Facility Management System, Islamic Invest, Trade Finance and Personnel and Payroll System.

All attendees have evaluated the training as very effective due to its distinct features:

  • Owing to the limited number of attendees in each session, the trainers could give attention to each and every trainee and address his queries
  • The trainees learned about the R14 new features and extended functionalities
  • Hands-on sessions enabled the attendees to share knowledge practices
  • They could make use of the highly experienced trainers who were involved in the project implementation and consultancy at different banks across multiple regions
  • They got ample time to interact with the trainers and clarify their doubts
  • The training served as a platform for the attendees to interact with other bankers.

What the participants said…


Powerful training and professional knowledge transfer.

Carina Al Hibri
Head of Core Banking
SIIB Syria

It was an extensive training session. I got to know about the major tools that help me to do my work effectively.
Abdalrahman Omer Elhag Shareif Mohamed
Business Consultant
Faisal Islamic Bank Sudan

It was a valuable training and we took advantage of the new enhancements in Facility Management System.
Ammar Al-Hasan
Core Banking Officer
SIIB Syria


Heartfelt Congratulations from Path Solutions
to our Award-Winning Clients

World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 2019

Best Islamic Banks

World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 2019

Global Recognitions

World Finance Islamic Finance Awards 2019

Special Recognition

Global Finance Best Islamic Financial Institutions 2019

Global Winner

Global Finance Best Islamic Financial Institutions 2019

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Global Finance Best Islamic Financial Institutions 2019

Country Winners

WOMANi 2019: Most Influential Women in Islamic Business and Finance
The Asset Triple A
Islamic Finance Awards 2019

Issuer / Adviser Award

Global Business Outlook Awards 2019
Islamic Finance Innovators 2019
Global Finance Best Bank Award 2019

Regional Winner

Global Finance Best Bank Award 2019

Best Banks in the Middle East

Global Finance Best Bank Award 2019

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Global Finance Best Investment Bank Award 2019
International Banker 2019

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International Finance 2019 Financial Awards
International Finance 2019 Banking Awards
Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2019

Regional Middle East Award for Excellence

Euromoney Awards for Excellence 2019

Country Award for Excellence

World Union of Arab Bankers
World Union of Arab Bankers

In The

Path Solutions upgrades Jaiz Bank’s core banking platform for enhanced performance




Path Solutions today announced that Jaiz Bank Plc., Nigeria’s premier non-interest (Islamic) bank has successfully upgraded its Islamic core banking platform iMAL R14.1 version. The upgrade is to enable innovation that will meet evolving customers’ needs as it expands into new markets.

Path Solutions analyzed Jaiz Bank’s specific IT requirements and adapted them to the latest version of iMAL. The company’s open banking platform allows banks to easily upgrade their core banking technology to be at the forefront of innovation.

Jaiz bank logo

The trophy for Best Islamic Technology Provider goes to Path Solutions from the Asset




Path Solutions is proud to announce that it has won the title of ‘Best Islamic Technology Provider’ at The Asset Triple A Islamic Finance Awards 2019. The award recognizes the company’s remarkable advances in financial technologies leading to greater financial stability and sustainability. Given the social and ethical nature of Islamic finance, this notable success reflects Path Solutions’ commitment in contributing to the achievement of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).


Path Solutions won first place in a record-breaking four categories of ACQ5 Global Awards




Path Solutions has won four categories in the 2019 ACQ5 Global Awards. Building on last year’s three-win, the company topped the Core Banking, Digital Banking, Sharia-compliant Microfinance, and GameChanger of the Year - Islamic Finance categories in this year’s rankings. These four wins add to the growing list of industry awards earned by Path Solutions over the years.


IBS Intelligence reconfirms Path Solutions as the Number One Islamic Banking Software Provider Worldwide for tenth year




This is the tenth year that Path Solutions has topped the prestigious IBSI Islamic Banking Sales League Table published by IBS Intelligence Limited, being recognised ‘Number One Islamic Banking Software Provider’, as well as ‘4th Global Universal Banking System Provider in 2019’.  The two accolades cement the company’s leadership in the financial software business and confirm the strength of its pioneering solution portfolio.

This triumph is yet another milestone in the company’s drive to be recognised as the undisputed leader and pre-eminent player in the Islamic financial services industry.


Path Solutions and Infrascale announce partnership agreement to provide hybrid cloud disaster recovery as a service




With the partnership in place, Path Solutions will offer Infrascale’s Disaster Recovery solutions to its existing and potential clients. The strategy will bring a strong DRaaS offering and data protection to clients throughout the Middle East.

Infrascale Disaster Recovery as a Service is a hybrid cloud-based solution that mitigates downtime caused by hardware or software failure, human error, cyber criminals, or natural disasters.

Ameen Al-Iraq Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance powers digital banking with iMAL




Ameen Al-Iraq Islamic Bank for Investment and Finance (known as: Ameen Al-Iraq) has signed for Path Solutions’ iMAL Islamic core banking platform in preference to other core banking systems for its new digital banking business in Iraq.

Announcing this, Kamal Suhail Abdulla, Chief Executive Officer, Ameen Al-Iraq, said, “Our ambition is to quickly become a true banking partner for individuals, professionals and businesses, particularly through an equitable, ethical and mutually beneficial relationship. We want to contribute to the construction of a fair and equitable Iraqi financial system. And thus, we aspire to be a great niche bank by embracing modern Sharia-compliant banking. We selected iMAL so we could conform to the Islamic law, easily adapt to the dynamic and complex Iraqi banking landscape, and serve our customers’ financial needs in a secure manner. We are confident that with iMAL we can readily meet emergent regulatory and industry compliance requirements”.

Ameen Al-Iraq logo

Path Solutions moves award-winning banking technology onto Microsoft Azure to accelerate customer growth




Fintech solution provider, Path Solutions announced the successful deployment and testing of its latest iMAL R14.1 technology on Azure, Microsoft’s trusted and intelligent cloud. With iMAL now running on Azure, banks and financial institutions can experience the many benefits of cloud computing, including increased security, flexibility, mobility and insight.

“Organizations today need to be thoroughly invested in their security strategies. iMAL, powered by Azure, simplifies the process for our clients and gives them a trusted solution, which incorporates robust security features such as access monitoring and data encryption”, commented Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman and CEO of Path Solutions.


Path Solutions, proud Diamond Sponsor of The Ethical Finance Idea Meet




Path Solutions was a proud Diamond Sponsor of ‘The Ethical Finance Idea Meet’ conference that took place on Saturday 20th July in Kerala, India. Bobby Kuriakose, Senior Director, Global PS & Support at Path Solutions was selected to speak on “Islamic Fintech Models” that could best fit the current regulatory framework and cater to the aspirations and needs of the Muslim community in India.


Mohammed Kateeb shares his views at Afro-Asia Banking Industry 2019




At Afro-Asia Banking Industry 2019, Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions took part as a guest speaker in a panel discussion entitled ‘The Impact of Fintech on The Islamic Finance Industry in Asia’, giving the audience the chance to delve into the advancements in the field, and explore the benefits from the disruptiveness of FinTech.

During his engagement speech, Kateeb said, “In a remarkable time like this where the fourth industrial revolution is changing industries of all stripes, we have a staggering opportunity in front of us in the financial services sector, particularly in the Islamic countries in Asia to catch the digital wave of change, develop a new mindset and take the lead in this sector to bring financial inclusion to a greater level”.


Mohammed Kateeb joined
high-level panel at IsDB Group Private Sector Forum 2019




During his participation in a high-level panel discussion at IsDB Group Private Sector Forum that was organized by ICIEC, member of IsDB on 4 April 2019 in Morocco, Mohammed Kateeb, the Group Chairman & CEO of Path Solutions spoke about ‘Remapping the ECAs’ Strategic Mindset Through Business Intelligence Ecosystem’.

“Financial institutions are realizing the opportunities of open banking and are now pursuing proactive strategies to building a digital ecosystem which will undoubtedly extend value across the customer journey”, he said.



On The

Istanbul, Turkey

IFN Turkey Dialogue 2019

9 September 2019

Dubai, UAE

Global Finance Digital Banks & Innovators Conference 2019

10 September 2019

Cape Town, South Africa

9th Global Islamic Finance Awards (GIFA 2019)

16 September 2019

Muscat, Oman

Shura 8th Sharia Audit Conference

6 - 8 October 2019

Kuwait City, Kuwait

3rd Kuwait FinTech Conference & Exhibition

22 - 24 October 2019

Manama, Bahrain

AAOIFI – World Bank 14th Annual Conference on Islamic Banking and Finance

3 & 4 November 2019

Kuwait City, Kuwait

IFN Kuwait Forum 2019

12 November 2019

Amman, Jordan

IFN Jordan Forum 2019

14 November 2019

Manama, Bahrain

The Global Islamic Fintech Huddle 2019

1 December 2019

Manama, Bahrain

26th Annual World Islamic Banking Conference (WIBC 2019)

2 - 4 December 2019

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